What To Look for in Boxer Briefs By Intymen?

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Have you ever taken a deep and focused look at Intymen men’s underwear? The brand is quite popular for the hidden secrets (enhancing features) it offers in the variety of assortments. One of the bestseller assortments by Intymen is of men’s boxer brief underwear. This blog talks about the features that make the entire range a must have for guys.

Let us look at the features that you should look for in boxer briefs by Intymen.

1. Varied lengths: While taking a quick walk in the inventory of boxer briefs by the brand, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone in terms of length. Whether you seek ample coverage (a little above the knee) or something that looks like the extension of briefs; Intymen has it all.

2. Pouch options: Each and every product in the category is designed to lift and enhance the visibility of the package. Whether it is thick piping around the pouch or the in-built c-ring; your manhood will be front and forward for the right visibility in the pants. Some pieces are made for leaving a little to the imagination with sheer panels or pouches.

3. Leg bands: Intymen has a huge inventory that offers boxer briefs with leg bands that are appealing and functional as well. The leg bands are not just for the matter of show; they make sure that the fabric does not move around a lot and sticks to the thighs. The contrast color bands looks appealing and complements the entire product as well.

Intymen Boxer Brief

4. Modern designs: The catalog goes all the way from solids to crazy and modern prints. The category is filled with prints like universe, astrology, street signs, newspaper, maps and many more. The solids on the other hand are available in a variety of colors.

5. Elastic waistband: Elastic waistband is an integral part of men’s boxer briefs. However, there are other brands that out-of-creativity do not incorporate it. Intymen boxer briefs and broad waistband with logo go hand in hand throughout the catalog (except mini boxers). These keep a strong grip on the waistline for the right fit.

These are some features that you must look out for in Intymen Boxer Briefs. The collection is available at discounted prices at intymen.com.


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