Why Go Red This Valentine?

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You must have heard and experienced the variety of colors associated with Valentines, but at the end of the day Red is what calls it for the day of love. Though red has other interpretations like anger, power, lust, passion, danger and more; love is the biggest symbol that people relate to. This blog talks about the reasons why you should go red on this day of love.

• You want to get lucky: Red has been the color for love, but according to a scientific study it is found that the color gets you laid. Someone will get lucky this Valentine (pun intended). When you wear these colored clothes, it is assumed by the opposite sex that you’re ready now.

• Energy booster: When you plan the entire day for someone you love, it is normal to get butterflies in the stomach. So, the color red is a natural energy booster and confidence enhancer on the basic level. Even a pair of red colored men’s boxer brief or men’s brief underwear would do the best to keep you on your feet.

• It goes well with the occasion: Every occasion has its own color and style. For example, green/red are for Christmas, red is for the day of love and you should enjoy being a part of the celebration by, wearing the color. This surely does not mean that you wear a red colored suit with some weird shoes (you’re not going anywhere with that). A simple red tie, or red handkerchief or even men’s underwear would be appropriate.

• High visibility: Anything that catches our attention easily is what high visibility is. Red is one of the most prominent and high visibility colors. For instance, when it comes to the animal kingdom, females are highly attracted to the red color on males which denote high status. That is another probability for you to get a peck or a simple handshake at the end of the day.

Hence, if you want that something should happen between you and your partner or with the person you’re going on a date with; it is good to wear red. Shop numerous reds available at Intymen and get set with your Valentine’s Day preparation.
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