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Intymen has been a pioneer brand in the men’s underwear industry for a while now and has undergone various changes for the betterment of the wearers. One of the most loved assortments made available to its customers by the brand is of men’s brief underwear. The entire range is about secrets that you must look out for. That’s what this blog does. It talks about the various features of Intymen Briefs that you must know before buying the sexy apparel style.

• Comfort and Style: Do you look for these two features every time you plan to buy an article of clothing? You should! Because these are the most important features. Briefs by the brand are a great source of both comfort and style to the male anatomy as well as the toned physique. The entire category is about low rise fit that accentuates the abs and tasteful fabric compositions for a luxurious feel.

• Pouch options: Well, this is one feature that Intymen also boasts about it. The brand is all about secret features that in the pulse raising line have many hidden secrets, including unique C-ring contraptions, unusual enhancing technologies and more. Mostly found in briefs, these secrets provide a sporty appeal to other assortments as well including men’s thong underwear.

• Cut: The assortment is all about conventional coverage, which leaves nothing to the imagination. They are tailored to flaunt the well-made muscles with slightly high cuts on the sides. The newer products come as a breath of fresh air with all the sexy cuts and reveal some skin on the legs. Though the cuts vary according to the different styles available, all the briefs underwear looks absolutely stunning.

• Color: Intymen is a well known brand that crafts sexy men’s underwear with vivid and vibrant colors. The array of colors includes: black, white, grey, red, blue, green, fuchsia, lime, yellow, violet, royal blue, turquoise, navy and pink. Every color has its own meaning and mood. So, choosing the right color for the apt situation and mood will not be a difficult task for men. With so many colors from manly to strikingly vibrant, opt for the ones that match your personality.

• Designs: Designs on men’s underwear is something that catches the eye. Intymen briefs look appealing to the eye. The Intymen Sheer Stripes briefs have see-through stripes all over for a little hint of the inside. Likewise, there are various designs in Intymen briefs with panels of mesh and sheer. The main focus of the brand is on the functionality of underwear; so, you’ll find more styles of briefs in solid colors with an attractive logo print to make them more alluring.

• Availability: Intymen is a specialty online store that carries a huge assortment of men’s briefs for selection. The brand caters different sizes for all body structures. All the products are available in sizes from small-medium-large-extra large. Availability also counts the price and you would never be disappointed with the amount you’d pay for the most handsome pairs at Intymen.

These are the aspects you’d find in the assortment of men’s brief underwear at


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