Where to Wear These Men’s Swimwear?

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With summers come along a lot of joy and sunshine to be poetic, but all what you think of is jumping in the water. Whether it is a beach or swimming pool or even a bath party; you’d look for reasons to get drenched in the hot months. Well, this blog specifically puts forward the various men’s swimwear styles available at Intymen and where you can wear them this summer.

1. Swim Boxers: Starting from the subtlest yet one of the sexiest available at the brand store, men’s swim boxers are sexy, hot and very sophisticated. They are just a little elongated form of briefs, but cover more than the necessary areas of the assets. Where can you wear them? Well, when diving with your family in the swimming pool or at the beach, these can confirm your good-boy attitude and still put forward your toned abs and defined thighs. The Flag Swim Boxer Print is a unique piece available in the inventory that you use to participate in any swimming competition. Who knows, you might score some extra points just for the sex appeal.

Intymen Swimwear

2. Swim Bikinis: Coming down to something sexy and sultry, men’s swim bikinis are a must have if you are planning a vacation with your friends or partner; you should pack along Intymen bikinis. You should check out the biggest bath party organized in Budapest from the month of April to October and prepare yourself for the same with some exotic pairs such as Intymen Stripes Swim Bikini Red/Blue or Intymen Desert Swim Bikini.

What do you think of the options above? Where are you planning to spend some quality time this summer? Do let us know about your plans as well as your thoughts about Intymen swimwear in the comments below.


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