Underwear Fabrics you all Should Know About

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Men's Underwear fabrics have developed enormously over the past few years. There are an ample number of new materials when compared to the conventional ones which are much more comfortable. When we talk about comfort, what do we expect the fabric to do for us? It should be soft on the skin, provide breathability to the assets, be a good absorbent and should be abrasion-free. So, in a nutshell, it should provide a good luxury down there to feel free throughout a hot, sweaty day. Below mentioned are some of the materials that presents the above qualities to the wearer. Scan on to know more.


Cotton is one of the conventional materials in the industry. It possesses important characteristics that make it a preferable material. Some of them are as discussed below.

Men's Cotton Underwear

a)Highly Absorbable

It is well known for the absorption quality that can be very helpful during the summers as they can absorb the sweat formed down there.

b)Soft on the skin

Multiple washes can make them soft and smooth on the skin.


They are durable which makes it useful on a longer run.

d)Retains color

It retains color, which means the color does not stick to your white or bright pants.


Linen is preferred for summers like cotton as it keeps the wearer cool and comfortable. The characteristics of the fabric are as below:

Linen Fabric
a)Soft and smooth on the skin

It is known for its exceptional softness and smoothness as it stays soft on the skin that presents a luxurious feel to the wearer.


They are durable as well which is good on a long-run.

c)Excellent absorbency

Linen is one of the most preferred fabrics for the summers after cotton as it absorbs water or sweat quickly which makes the wearer cool and breezy down there.


Silk is known for its low heat conductivity which makes it favorable for winters. The features of the material are as follows.

Silk Fabric

a)Preferred for date-nights

The shiny material feels very soft and elegant on the skin which makes it preferable for date nights due to the glossy touch.

b)Offers a good breathability

Silk stays soft on the skin that offers a good air circulation to the assets. This allows the wearer to feel cozy down there.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber from wood cellulose or pulp which has the tendency to stretch. The traits of the material is as below:

Rayon Fabric

a)Preferred for winters

It has limited breathability to allow air or moisture to be transmitted through the fabric so they are preferred for cooler or winter seasons.

b)Highly absorbent

Similar to the above-mentioned textiles, rayon is also highly absorbent that allows the user's assets to feel soft.


The microfiber construction makes nylon a great textile that is soft and keeps the wearer dry. Some of the important aspects of the material are:


a)Ideal for sports

Swimming and sports attires are crafted out of the above-mentioned cloth as it is wind and water resistant. This makes the user feel easy as it helps to fan away the sweat formed down there.

b)Feels soft on the skin

The composition ensures a soft and smooth touch on the skin which can be useful for the scorching season.


The tissue is very light in weight that it almost feels like a feather on the waist. This also allows enough breathability to the assets.


Polyester is a synthetic material which is thin and comfortable.
It posses the below -mentioned qualities:


a)Retains colors

It allows the material to hold onto colors better than cotton, and the thickness level of polyester can be half that that of cotton or other fabric types.

b)Preferred for colder seasons

It is also used for sports apparel, however, it does not breathe well so it is not preferred in summers.

c)Resistant to shrinking

Like the other stuff, polyester does not shrink on washing. It stays neat and relaxed compared to the above attires.

Above are some of the fabrics that are incorporated on a men’s underwear. Some of the underneath articles also include a blend of spandex, LYCRA, and elastane adds to its flexibility. All the underwear styles including the men's jockstrap’s are available in some of the above-mentioned fabrics.


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