Perks of Owning a Jockstrap

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Jockstraps date back to the times when bicyclists needed an attire that could provide their genitals an ample amount of support, comfort, and protection as well. However, now men expect more from their underwear because it is the only garment that stays with all day long with us. Earlier, it was the above three aspects but, features like styles, looks are also preferred now. The men's underwear industry had taken the same as a challenge and are out with numerous products that provide a good number of benefits to the consumers. This blog talks about the various perks offered by the modern men's athletic underwear. Let's us look at the same.

1. Offers a good enhancement to the male anatomy

The pouch construction of the above-mentioned attire is crafted with secretive enhancing features like c-rings or contraptions that delicately raises the male anatomy to presents an impressive front profile. The designers at the brand end ensure that the products are made to meet the style quotient while keeping an eye on the sporty appeal. The protection cup can be inserted into the pouch which holds the things firmly. This keeps the package away from the body that helps in avoiding chafing related problems.

2. Variety of new designs included in the assortment

The inventory at the online stores are loaded with structural pouches that keeps the genitals comfortable yet protected. If you take a look at the assortment, you would find different designs, right from solid fabrics to mesh and sheer that allows a heavenly breath to the privates. Apart from the air circulation, they also help in adding some naughtiness to your date nights.

Intymen Mesh Thong

3. Does not compromise on comfort

Comfort is determined by the quality of the fabric used in the construction of the attire. The modern jockstraps do not compromise on comfort either as the fabric blends used in them ensures a luxurious space down there. Some of them also include a fusion of spandex or LYCRA that assures enough stretchability of the attire.  The products offered by Intymen includes materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, sheer, mesh, and lace that has moisture wicking facilities to keep the privates dry.

4. Offers the same protection as the conventional products

This attire is quite popular when it comes to sports and workouts. Like comfort, there is no negotiation when it comes to protection as well. Some of them like the Intymen Jockstraps have a good construction that can donned even for the most rigorous workouts and sports like soccer, rugby, and football. During such heavy sports, it is important to keep the genitals supported and protected down there. Being one of the most sensitive parts of the body they need an extra protection and comfort. The athletic supporters come to rescue in such cases.

Intymen Sport Thong

5. Encourages you to perform well despite any occasion

Be it a sexy date night or an important match out there, the jocks ensures the sporty appeal and the support down there. While working out or playing around, these serve as the backbone. Apart from that, they keep you cool as well as the revealing cuts at the back helps in fanning away the sweat. The same cut can add some spice to your intimate occasions that can tease and tantalize your partner.

Love Partners

6. Hidden C-Ring presents an enhanced sex appeal

The jocks have an exceptional pouch design with a hidden C-Ring at the front. The funnel like pouch has open sides for providing a good breathability to the assets. The C-ring raises the genitals and puts it upfront. This results in an enhanced sex appeal down there.

Above are some of the amazing perks of the modern jockstraps. Grab them from the online stores of


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