Men's Bikini's: A Catalyst to an Appealing Machismo

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Men’s bikini, the awesome underneath apparel had been introduced long back in the underwear industry as a modernized version of the traditional brief style. Earlier, they were donned only for beach or pool parties. However, with time and trend, number of styles, cuts, patterns, and designs were introduced under the apparel style. They have been differentiated with the occasions accordingly.  Later, it took different turns with the emerging fashion industry. Scan on to know about the different categories that come under the respective style of men's underwear.

1.Bikini Brief

Bikini Briefs are the branched out version of the briefs with minimum coverage all around. Keeping the front part covered, the fabric stretches a bit to the back to cover the butt cheeks. This style is a fusion of bikini's and brief's which makes it an ideal option for all the modern men who prefer a sleek coverage of the assets. For instance, let us consider The Intymen Colorful Mix Bikini Brief is one of the most versatile pieces of the brand. The high-quality material used in this respective attire allows enough breathability to your assets, keeping them dry and comfortable. Additionally, the revealing part of this unique style can act as a catalyst for the date nights. The functional underwear is crafted in fabric composition that includes 86.17% nylon and 13.83% spandex.

Intymen Bikini Brief

2.Slip Bikini

Slip bikinis are usually skimpy in structure that suits every individual regardless of the taste and preference. They make sure that the anatomical pouch of the underneath article provides extra room for the manhood to breathe freely. In some cases, the back coverage is more when compared to the other styles. For instance, let's consider the Intymen Slip Bikini which is crafted with mesh fabric. The materials fall soft on the skin which allows enough breathability to the assets. Apart from that, the underwear features a solid structural pouch that presents an impressive front profile. This sexy attire incorporates a fabric composition of 73.47% Polyamide 14.48% Polyester 12.05% Spandex which ensures the stretch and comfort down there.

Intymen Slip Bikini

3.Swim Bikini

According to the name, the swim bikini's are specially crafted for beach or pool parties. They come in vibrant prints and colors that help in projecting you as the center of attraction. They vary in cuts but, serves the basic functionality of supporting and providing enough coverage down there. For instance, let us consider The Intymen Tile Swim Bikini Print which is fashionably appealing that helps you to flaunt your style flawlessly. With a delectable tile print throughout the pair, you'd find a contrasting white waistband as well as leg bands. The contoured pouch lifts and supports while the center seam makes it comfortable for the pouch. The  Fabric composition includes a fusion of  83% Polyester 17% Spandex which ensures the stretch and comfort down there.

Intymen Swim Bikini

Styles are fine but what about the comfort? Each and every attire under the bikinis uses a unique fabric blend composition that ensures quality and comfort to the wearer. Sometimes it also includes a fusion of the materials like polyester, nylon and other microfibers with a pinch of LYCRA spandex and elastane that helps in the stretchability of the attire. Other than that, it also offers moisture wicking, sweat resistant and color resistant property that helps to wick away the moisture to keeps the anatomy dry and comfortable.

Hence, above are some of the types of bikini styles that can be a catalyst to an appealing machismo. Grab one of these from the online stores of Intymen to experience the underneath luxury.


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