Underwear Motivation: Intymen INI034 Palatino Bikini

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Introduction of Intymen's Palatino Bikini :

Intymen's Palatino Bikini for men is our favorite pair of bikinis. The way designers have balanced sexiness and comfort in the style is outstanding. The use of mesh fabric in the style enhances the overall appearance of the style and the breathability factor too. 

Mesh fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Furthermore, the tiny holes in the fabric give a slight glimpse of your features. This low-rise bikini underwear is suitable for beginners and experts too.

To make it slightly more comfortable, designers have placed the tag of the brand on your waistband. This sexy male underwear is available in different colors as well as sizes.


Intymen INI034 Palatino Bikini

Main features of Intymen's Palatino Bikini:

The main or key feature of this men's bikini swimwear is its fabric part. The thin waistband enhances the look of the underwear. Regardless of the width of the lingerie, it holds your underwear very well. 

The silhouette of the lingerie gives enough freedom to move and stretch. The fabric at the back gives good coverage to your butt. 

About Intymen

An innovative men's underwear brand that offers a creative collection of both traditional and sexy styles for everyday wear. This is something that makes Intymen unique, as a brand.

You can shop traditional to classic pairs of men's underwear. Furthermore, men can shop extreme and very sexy pairs of male lingerie. Intymen's men's underwear even include unique C-ring contraptions, unusual enhancing technologies, and more. 



Intymen INI034 Palatino Bikini

If it's Intymen, you can surely expect to find each and everything from thongs to male briefs. Intymen even offers a wide range of boxer briefs, see-through underwear styles, and male jockstraps. When it is about looking good Intymen's underwear and swimwear are what you need.

Fabric Used



  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge

Intymen INI034 Palatino Bikini


  • Black
  • Rosewood
  • White
  • Lilac

What do we like about Intymen's Palatino Bikini?

Intymen's Palatino Bikini is multipurpose underwear for men. 

This pair of male lingerie is ideal for the summer season. Its breathable, lightweight and let you move freely. Whether you want to bend, stretch, or just want to relax on the beach, you can trust this pair.

Speaking about the silhouette, it's skinny on the front and provides complete coverage to your back profile. Furthermore, colors such as Rosewood, White, Lilac are perfect for your summertime. Besides wearing this pair on the beach, you can consider wearing it on special occasions. Hence, you can wear a black-colored Palatino Bikini.

Usually, the tag in the underwear causes slight irritation. Therefore, keeping this problem in mind, designers have placed the tag of the brand on the waistbelt.

  • How to take care of the style?

Palatino Bikini underwear for men is a low-maintenance style. All you need to do is gently hand wash the style in cold water. Don't be harsh on the style by using detergents loaded with harsh chemicals. Switch to air-drying rather than tumble drying.

What can be the problem?




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