Bikinis for Men

Men’s bikini underwear can be considered as an modernized version of the traditional brief style. This style of underneath articles was earlier used for skin bathing. However, with the changing trend, it has now become an inevitable part of the everyday closet. Intymen offers a wide range of bikini underwear for men. The collection combines form-fitting style with modern design elements. Aimed at offering fashion along with practical approach, the skivvies provide quality, lift, appealing look and incomparable comfort.

What makes the bikini underwear of Intymen different from others?

The high-end label has ventured into all the aspects of underneath fashion for men. Whether you are looking for support and lift or you need style, the brand has covered it all for you. The designs, cuts and patterns of Intymen are nothing short of flattering. It strikes the right note between sexiness and classiness. Even the ultra revealing and skimpy styles of men’s G-string underwear crafted by the innovative designer showcases sophistication. The subtle sex appeal that these bikinis provide can blend with all sort of personality.

Along with this, men’s underwear of Intymen has got a hidden secret. The pouch of the undies features an inbuilt C-ring contraption that accentuates the manhood. The augmentation feature gives an edge that takes the functionality of the garment to the next level. With the aim of bringing the entire attention down there, the C-ring holds the package together and keeps the manhood away from the body. This creates a natural visible bulge.

Not only this, bikinis are available in varied styles and cuts. You can procure your piece that suits your requirement.

The various types of Intymen bikini underwear are listed below.

Bikini Brief

The fabric at the back stretches a bit more cover the butt cheeks. The perfect mixture of bikini and brief is an ideal option for all the modern men who likes to keep it sleek and covered.

Slip Bikini

This skimpy style can slip in the wardrobe of every individual regardless of the taste and preference. The anatomical pouch of the underneath article provides extra room for the manhood to breathe freely.

Swim Bikini

The dynamic range of swimwear bikini offers fresh color and vibrant prints for every event. The collection is inspired by the classic patterns that can adorn your look during the beach season.

With the flawless craftsmanship of Intymen, there is nothing such as ‘bikini-body’. The highly functional and charming approach of the underneath apparel can bedeck the personality of every individual.

The fabric blend used in crafting the underwear ensures quality and comfort to the users. The composition includes a mix of material like polyester, nylon and other microfiber with a pinch of LYCRA spandex and elastane. It offers moisture wicking, sweat resistant and color resistant property. The mesh fabric wicks away the moisture and keeps the anatomy dry even during the heat of summer. While the color resistant property makes sure that your skivvy lasts long. Thus, it ensures durability along with comfort and support.

Shop from the huge assortment of the Florida-based underwear designer. Refer to the size chart at the brand store and find your style at best ever prices.


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