Intymen's men's thong- for that long-lasting summer tan

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Mens thong
Some men find tanning attractive. You might not be aware of the fact that Tanning is good. You feel good just the way you feel when you work out because Tanning releases endorphins and when your body is exposed to the sun rays, endorphins are released naturally. Besides that, it gives you a soothing experience that again makes you feel great. 

Now, because we are into winters, achieving a bronze-colored body is quite difficult hence, all those tan lovers have to wait for summers, and to get the most, this season choose Intymen's mens thong.


Intymen INK012 Sensual Thong

Why choose Intymen?

Intymen brand offers a unique and versatile range of men's shapewear and mens underwear. Whether it's about picking stylish pairs of jockstraps or picking elegant pairs of male briefs, Intymen has got everything covered. Therefore, this summer choose Intymen's men's thong.

Why do we get the perfect and long-lasting summer tan from men's thong?

1. Make you feel amazing

Intymen thong helps a person achieve even tan, as a result, you feel amazing. Moreover, this style uplifts your manhood and keeps it in the right place. Speaking about the silhouette, it's just like any other pair of thongs. What makes the entire range different is the color palette. The colors used in creating Intymen thongs are solid and soothing to the eyes. 

2. Right coverage

Speaking about the silhouette, these pairs are elegant and provide the wearer with the right amount of coverage. It covers only those parts which are meant to be covered. Further, the range offers your body love and pamper. That is the reason why Intymen is popular among men. 

Intymen INK008 Stunner Thong

3. Support and maximum mobility

Along with tan, your manhood must get the right support and you get maximum mobility. These Thongs for Men provided by Intymen offer the wearer support your jewels as a result, you can stay relaxed and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Designers offer a pouch element in this style due to which your manhood remains safe and sound. 

4. Extraordinary pouch offered by Intymen

If we talk about Intymen INT7300 Fill It Thong Charcoal, it comes with an extraordinary pouch that beautifully holds your package upfront offering the wearer a significant boost in the size of the bulge. Moreover, this style includes C-Ring in the front that offers a snug fit. For little extra coverage, designers have included large side and back panels. 


There are underwear brands that design explicit styles as they believe showing an excess of skin makes their underwear look bold and sexy. Though I don't disagree with them completely, I do agree with a point that to look sexy you don't need to show too much skin. If you are confident, regardless of the style you are wearing, people will talk about you. 

Whereas if we talk about Intymen, according to them the style high in quality and comfort is the SEXIEST. 

Intymen INK007 Skin Thong

Intymen, rather than manipulating the silhouettes of the lingerie, they prefer playing with the color palette and the fabric composition. So, when you walk out of the water with that water dripping all over your body and those jewels getting enhanced from the pair, the temperature rises easily. 

6. Fabric composition

Intymen offers male thongs that are made from superior fabric construction as well as a mix of form-fitting materials. Usually, the fabrics used are polyester, spandex, and other popular microfibers. For your beach time, opt for thongs made out of polyester and spandex as it makes your lingerie stretchable and moisture-wicking. Whereas, for your everyday comfort, always opt for cotton and microfibers-based styles. 

Styles right for beach time:

Although, you can pick any pair from Intymen's thong collection without thinking twice, however, there are a few styles that complement the most.

1. Intymen INT7300 Fill It Thong Charcoal

  • Reason - Sexy contoured pouch and in-built C-Ring

2. Intymen INK011 Passione Thong-

  • Reason- Fabric composition and color palette

3.Intymen INK008 Stunner Thong -

  • Reason- Fabric composition and silhouette.

Where to shop?

These pairs of men's thongs are easily available on Intymen's official website. Do check out.

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