Looking for something that looks fabulous, feels amazing and gives the right lift to your manhood? You’re at the right place. The Intymen Thongs give your body the love and pampering you need. Intymen is a popular in the men’s underwear fraternity for all the good reasons.

The Intymen Sports Thongs are crafted for full support and maximum mobility. The low-rise thongs are perfect for gymming, jogging and activities, that involve the leg movement. The mesh-like fabric all over allows breathe-ability to your package. Form-fitting construction keeps you simple and modern at the same time.

The Intymen Fill It Thong has an extraordinary pouch that softly holds the package upfront for a significant boost in the size of the bulge. The front of the thong features a C-Ring that gives a snugs fit. Exceptionally large side and back panels allows a little more coverage.

Intymen Thongs are sexy and bold. Quality, comfort and sexiness are what Intymen underwear is all about. The brand offers superior fabric construction and a mix of form-fitting materials such as polyester, cotton, spandex and other popular microfibers.


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