Exploiting the market with Columbus Day in a positive way!

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Americans have always had a stomach for shopping and buying things for their loved ones even when they are not even appreciated, as they have always been so keen in buying the latest technology or even the newest apparel just because they have the money for it. This helps a lot of businesses to grow and even make a fortune but that does not mean that you should spend your hard-earned dollars to buy things that are just going to sit on your shelves or your friend’s and not going to be used.

So, this Columbus Day, let’s make a pact that we are going to get things that would make us feel important and desired because we deserve it all!

Columbus Day in short

Everybody knows about the Columbus Day, but let’s just summarize it out for the people who have forgotten. The Columbus Day is a federal holiday that commemorates Christopher Columbus’ halt at the American Soil during his voyage to discover the “New World”, he called! This legacy of St. Columbus goes way beyond the 1400s when his passion to discover new lands while being a sea trader who had his way in selling the Asian products to the European buyers made him some good bucks. On October 12, 1492, Columbus had landed on the Americans which was also made an official holiday for the people of America. This, later on, became a symbol of patriotism and that unforgotten love for the country.

Columbus Day made us realize what a true American is and how we as Americans should celebrate this auspicious day without exploiting our wealth. As being an American has got its own pride as we are the people who won’t settle for less as it can be clearly seen in our festivities, cultural events and Games.

So let’s just carry that spirit and shop the way that it should be done!  

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Hitting the stores

As we know its Columbus Day and we are all set to hit the road with our self-tailored wish lists that took hours of scrolling and comparing just to get the perfect present for our loved ones. This has been the most awaited day for some as they know it’s that time of the year when all the brands are just about to launch their New Arrivals which are going to be displayed and that too at discounted prices because you deserve it. After all those months of window shopping and dreaming about that one present that you have admired to gift yourself for those years of hard work you did just to make life worth living. This makes you just like any other American hitting the stores with those pockets stocked with cash but wait, you upgrade that gaming console every year but that would not make you happy and bear with me for that tone because I have got the perfect suggestion for you. Every other guy is focusing on the same thing and why not try something different that could be truly life-changing just for a change!

Here comes Intymen, the brand store that lets you pick the best apparel for your kind of leisure activities. Intymen has got just the right product that lets you express the spirit of Columbus day in a way that not only you but your partner also gets in the mood to celebrate.

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Get some undies too!

Now that we have decided to get something new this Columbus Day, why not it be the gift of pleasure! With Intymen you do not have to go anywhere as with its online store for best in class undies for men, comfort is what you will get. At Intymen you can get anything you desire, as this branded store has you all covered, from men’s bikinis, thongs for men, infamous men’s jockstraps, till the moon. You must be thinking that every other brand has these products, I understand you totally but the list doesn’t stop here as the New Arrival and the Best Seller Collections are just the things that you are here for. As it’s that C day so let’s take things up a notch with the latest arrivals on sale for that value for money which is the treat for that American eye. Still want more, Intymen has been in business for over a decade and the designers of this establishment knows you so well that they have got an exclusive collection that would make your C day special. The “Fill It” collection is for the guys out there who want to spice up the sporty look and let the sexiness blend in. This collection focuses on a single goal, i.e. to get the best fit and feel in any men’s underwear style you choose. So, get yourself one of these and make that Columbus Day unforgettable not only for you but your partner as well!     

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