Reasons to shop New Arrivals by Intymen

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Finally the new arrival collection of men’s underwear by Intymen has be made live on the brand store and it is everything that you need right now. Personally speaking, the assortment brings together the colors, sex appeal, pinch of eroticism, undying support, and modern looks. It is all one needs to bring alive the dead feeling within wit the luxurious feelings.

Intymen has worked really hard in bringing this collection and it is clearly visible with the cuts, designs and pouch options available in products. Talking about this blog, it would lay down the reasons for which you should shop from the store.

Varied styles

It happens not every time that Intymen offers such a wide variety of apparel styles at once. It has happened this time and the credit goes to the constant demand of sexy underwear pieces from the label. Intymen brought forward styles including men’s brief underwear, bikini briefs, boxer trunks, jockstraps for men, and bikini underwear. Covering the gamut of styles, every personality can pick up their favorite.

Extra support

Talking about functionalities first, the products in the category aim at providing more support to the assets. With sexier looks available in this new collection, the brand made sure that support was not lost and hence, added more of it. For example, the Kobe Bikini features a double layer mesh for added support down there whereas; the Game Jockstrap has leg bands that go all the way from the front (attached to the waistband) to where it should be, conventionally.

Variety of fabric compositions

Never before did Intymen use so many fabrics in one product. The majority of products has a combination of cotton/spandex/polyester/nylon whereas; some even have viscose as the base fabric that comforts. All these materials in delectable ratios are blended to make you feel absolutely stunning below the belt.

Made for a better performance

Talking about the support in the point earlier, if you take a closer look at the pieces, you’d find that everyone of them is made in a way that you’d be able to perform better in your next game. With a sturdy looking waistband to start with, the features include the supportive contouring pouch, body hugging designs, leg bands to prevent riding up and much more.

What do you think is what makes the new arrivals special? Do let us know in the section below.


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