What to Gift the Host this Christmas Party?

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Here comes the Christmas party invite! Yoohoo!! Finally I’m invited to party that I have been waiting for. Date? Check! Dress? Check! Shoes? Check! What are you taking for the host? Oh damn!! That’s missing and are also this is the thing that makes people go clueless. Well, I myself have to think really hard when it comes to giving gifts to others.

However, in the due course, I have learnt this art and have realized that it is not important that how big the gift is, what matters is that will the receiver appreciate it or not.

Hence, in order to prevent you from the hassle, we’ve compiled a list that’ll help you choose the gift for the host of the Christmas party.

1. Eatable treats

You might fell that how can eatable treats serve as gifts but let me tell you that the cook or the host has a lot of eatable at home that something from outside is always welcome. For example, my mom loved treats brought by our guests because she was tired of her own-made delicacies. Likewise, you can surely add a smile to the host’s face with a small cupcake or home-made chocolate cake. What are you going to take along?

2. Thank you card

Who doesn’t like thank you cards? I would be more than delighted if I’d get thank you cards for everything I do. Thank you cards these days are available in so many formats that the receiver is more than just happy receiving them. You’d find online stores giving e-thank you cards which carry money value with which you can shop anything from the same store. Or if you want you can opt for the conventional thank you cards as well.

3. Men’s underwear

You must be thinking of how men’s underwear land in this list. Well, your husband being the host to the party (financially and manpower-wise), he too deserves to be pampered. What can be a better way of telling him that there’s love on your mind? Well, this is the time to make him feel relieved of stress. Do it and he’ll make sure this is the best Christmas for you.

4. Miscellaneous things

This is that section where you can pick up anything that you like and take it as gifts. For example, a photo frame, vase, flowers, a box of sweets, or anything else. You can choose anything that you think that the host deserves for serving you the sumptuous food and making your Christmas a lot brighter.

The host does a lot of hard work from making the invites to serving the food as it should be and treating you the best. Hence, in return, he/she also deserves the best. Make sure you get something that they deserve. Do let our readers know if there are other gift options as well in the comments below.


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