Raise the bar of sexiness with Intymen Enhancing briefs

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Did you just check out the Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief at the brand store? I am wondering how I missed it on the store, but when I found it, I had to talk about the same. Brought forward as one of the sexiest and masculine men’s underwear style, it is pleasing by both looks and functions. The best part about knowing Intymen briefs is that everything is subtle as well as not so conventional at the same time. This is yet another product by the brand that makes you a sensible wearer who knows his needs and wants.

Intymen Burnout Pouch BriefThe collection of men’s briefs by the brand is out-of-the-box and classy and this in specific is what makes you look absolutely stunning. With a combination of 85% nylon and 15% Spandex, the pair features a delectable combination that provides you with everything. When I say everything, it means comfort, breathability, support, moisture wick, stretch, and durability. The pouch underwear for men is made to make your manhood look visible below the belt.

Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief
Coming down to the construction, you’d find a sleek cum sexy coverage of athletic underwear making it sporty and sexy at the same time. The solid fabric covers all but it is the print on the pouch is what stands out in the pair. The low-rise fit with a subtle appeal is what makes it the perfect pair that you can wear to work or gym or parties or romantic evenings or probably anywhere else. The pouch creates a bulge down there for all the occasions.

Bold colors, subtle appeal and comfortable approach are the factors you must adopt this piece and other styles by the label. Check the colors available at intymen.com.


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