5 Important lessons Bikini taught us

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Do you agree if I say - our life is all about learning new things and new lessons? The cycle of learning is continuous and by everything that we do, we learn something new. From your actions that lead to your career choices, even the minutest men’s underwear can teach you many life lessons.

Intymen Bikini BriefSharing my personal experiences with favorite men’s bikini underwear which has taught me all the important lessons, this blog is for men who would have learned a few lessons but eventually looked past them.

Go on and find what you also might have learned from your skivvies.

  • All your choices are not worthy:

    I have till date shopped more than 40 pairs and past that age where I would need the steps to pick my first bikini. I am not ashamed to tell you that all the choices I made in my purchases weren’t equally fascinating. Some sized too funny (what hurts is you cannot return a used item), some had worn off quality and much more. What I have learned is that you cannot be very sure of the choices you make.

  • No matter how desperately you want them to stay - they wear off:

    Does this make you realize something? This aspect I learned from my skivvies but it totally applies to the real life. No matter how desperate you are to keep your favorite pair with you, they will wear off at some point and you have to walk on with another pair. This means that you have you to keep changing with time. You can’t stick around one style always. You should try thong underwear, boxer briefs for men and everything else apart from bikinis as well.

  • A single pair has the ability to transform your personality:

    When you have a new outfit, don’t you feel the confidence level going up? However, if you add an ill fit pair of bikinis with a pouch that doesn’t stay in place, how would the feeling be? It obviously would be very irritating. However, if you place a comfortable pair of mesh underwear down there, the confident feeling would enhance the appeal of your personality.

  • The pouch matters more than you think on the outside:

    It is not only about the feeling that the pouch gives on the inside, but it certainly is what leads to how you’ll be behaving with the others. If you would have a pouch that you would need to adjust throughout, you would surely be the cranky one whereas; when the pouch underwear stays in place with all the comfort you need, you would even forget that you’re wearing something down there.

  • The single pair is not enough for all the times:

    You cannot have the same outfit for all the situations, how can you imagine that one pair for all the times? There has to be ample to change in accordance with all the situations that you come across. The lesson I learned from this - one is not enough and you need to have more to be a fashionable person.

Do you have any life lessons to share? Do let us know in the comments below.


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