Men's lingerie is a thing - what should you know!

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Men’s Lingerie has become one of the popular underwear categories for the guys out there who want to have some fun with that enhanced sex appeal for that bonus effect. Men’s sexy lingerie being the recent addition to the wardrobe has been truly appreciated for its minimalistic coverage and sleek design. These designer men’s underwear got inspired by the female wardrobe which has been the sexiest and one of the most attractive underwear ever. This cheeky underwear for men is known for its sexy partially see-through material with that sleek waistline to provide the best designer look you can find.


Intymen INJ065 Amore Brief

Why you should opt it?

The infamous enhancing men’s lingerie came into the limelight as an experiment where some men got an idea of sneaking into the women’s closet trying this sexy piece of underwear. So this little experiment was actually that inspired the designers to get their heads into the men underpants and made it to the shelves of different stores making them a fortune on sexy male lingerie. This designer men’s underwear is so sleek and provides comfortable design patterns that most of those guys felt the need to get an upgrade from the ordinary briefs with those broad waistbands. With these men's cheeky lingerie, people were particular about one thing in the starting that these men’s sexy underwear was solely made for the purpose of those pleasurable nights with the partner where role-playing was on the table, but when it became clear that these underwear came in different comfortable styles then the actual picture became clear and that was the time when getting one of these men’s designer underwear became a need.


Intymen INE018 Swinger Jockstrap

Nowadays, people have grown to like them even more than before as this cheeky underwear for men come in different fabric with those see-through mesh designs that could provide you with maximum exposure and even those stretchable briefs that would provide you with the wiggle room you need for your daily chores. As the choices being so many getting yourself one of these bad boys is what the blog is actually about and Intymen provides you with ample choices. Depending upon the type of lingerie you love to wear, whether it’s a sleek men’s bikini or underwear for men that has got a big pouch to accommodate that big junk of yours, with Intymen, you will never feel like an outcast. 


Intymen INI024 Oceans Bikini
About the Brand

At intymen you can find any hot male underwear based on different material, pattern and many other parameters so that you can find the best one for you with so many options with which experimenting would not at all be an issue. The designer men’s underwear collection at Intymen is so vast that you will feel like a guy who wants them all, no matter what you desire for, Casual or Contemporary, whatever your fit is, you will definitely get your mind blown away. Whatever size you are or whatever color you want to try out as Intymen collection is so huge that you will never leave empty-handed.  So get ready to get stuck in a dilemma because at Intymen choice matters!

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