Jockstrap Underwear By Intymen - What Options Do You Have?

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You may or may not have felt the nice but encouraging sensation that jockstrap underwear delivers to the male genitalia. However, in times of necessity and utility from their underwear fashion, men have looked up to the respective men's underwear style.

Athletic supporters have been around for a long time and are unquestionably functional and helpful. However, you can now discover stylish items that are suitable for both every day and romantic occasions.

Intymen has once again shown to be the authentic and athletic men's clothing brand that provides the highest enlargement, support, protection, and comfort to the male anatomy. The label's selection of jocks is edgy and loyal to their moniker.

In this blog, we will cover the various mens jockstrap underwear by Intymen. In fact, I will put forth the ones for different occasions. Let us go forth and check them out now.


1. For Leisure

When it comes to leisure, this Serenity jockstrap by Intymen is a must-have. With a soothing touch, this men’s jockstrap underwear is all about comforting your manhood. No matter what you’re doing – lounging or having some leisure time, this option looks and feels amazing. With a super low rise fit on the waist, the double stitch ensures stability.

Intymen INE027 Serenity Jockstrap

2. For Regular Working Days

The Intymen Dolce Jockstrap is an ideal choice for all your regular days. Further, when you are working in an office 5 days a week, you need something that can help you stay at comfort, support your manhood, and keep things breathable down there. Thus, you have these stunning men’s jockstraps to your rescue. The mens mesh underwear helps your junk feel free and lets the air pass through without any obstruction. Moreover, the lining or the piping on the edges avoid any wear & tear as well.

Intymen INE022 Dolce Jockstrap

3. For Workouts

Well, this one is something new for sure. It reveals and hides the assets at the same time. Further, if you are looking forward to having a great workout session in the gym, this jockstrap underwear is a fun way to go forth. With a regular mens jockstrap underwear pouch, the outer net or mesh covering makes this one such a fancy option.

Intymen ING066 Jock Mesh Cover


So, here we are! Which of these jockstrap underwear options will go for? If you have any other Intymen favorites, do let us know in the comments below.


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