4 Occasions best for Printed Underwear

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The right pair of men’s underwear makes a difference between having a good experience or a bad one. With the evolution of the apparel industry, men have witnessed the times changing from the conventional tighty whitey briefs to sexy male thongs. Not only this, you would have also noticed that men’s printed underwear has replaced the solid designs. Intymen is an impeccable apparel brand that features both the worlds to the best of the ability and pairs that match the variety of needs.

What is printed underwear?

Men’s printed underwear is any men’s underwear style that features some sort of print on it. Whether it is floral print or Aztec, printed pairs have designs printed on them to make them look trendy and fashionable.

Intymen Printed Underwear

So, now coming to the topic, we’ve compiled a list of occasions when printed apparel can be worn. Intymen had launched a collection that we had talked about in the earlier blogs, those fit perfect for the situation. You can read them here.

When you feel low

We all have been there and through it! Feeling low is an integral part of our lives and at some or the other point we all feel the same. Feeling low can be avoided by various things which include wearing clothes that make you feel happy. Think about the time when you wear that sexy underwear and no one knows about it. This is probably the best option to make the Monday Blues not so blue.

When you need the designer touch

Who doesn’t like to flaunt fashionable designer wear in today’s time? Intymen gives you an opportunity to showcase your sex appeal with the designer prints available at the brand store. The exotic colors and designer prints available for the male anatomy, the sporty pieces bring the best of your fashion quotient to the surface.

Intymen Printed Underwear

When you want to dive

Men’s swimwear is one area where you get to flaunt more than you think. Every moment at the beach or the beside the pool counts as you are in your bare essentials. If you want to grab the attention and score some points, this is probably the best time to do it and the best way as well. So, will it be the Checker Board Swim Boxer that covers everything with the fancy check print or Floral Swim Bikini with masculine floral print throughout?

When you want to impress

Think about your first romantic evening (or not the first), your partner would be impressed to find that your underneath fashion is not monotonous but quite fashionable and peppy. Prints boast about your state of mind as well as tells a lot about your personality.

Is there any other occasion where you can sport prints in your basics? Do let us know in the comments below.


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