How to wash men's brief underwear in the right manner?

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Knowingly or unknowingly your habits are destroying the quality of your mens brief underwear. Whether it's about washing them in a washing machine or switching to tumble drying from natural drying, you are damaging your men's brief underwear

These are common techniques, of which you must be aware of. Several other techniques are silently destroying the quality of your lingerie and you have no idea about it.

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Therefore, this blog is dedicated to men because they are the ones who are least interested in doing laundry. 

1.Mens brief underwear when washed at overly high water temperature- things doesn't sound great.

Can you think of taking a bath with extremely hot water? No, right! then how could you think that your underwear can tolerate such hot water and at overly high water temperature?

Whether you are washing boxers, boxer briefs, or just men's briefs, in warm water, they will lose their shape and color. That's the reason why it is advised to wash your mens brief underwear at lower temperatures. Additionally, warm or cool water can cope up with dirt just as boiling water on the off chance that you have a decent washing machine and detergent. Men's underwear designed in linen can only be washed at 190°F for disinfection. Rest, all should be washed at lower temperatures.

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2. Washing your mens brief underwear with other heavily stained clothes- is a sin.

Intensely dirty things should be presoaked, and dark-colored underwear should be deliberately washed by hand or treated with a stain remover before placing them into the washing machine and that too with other clothes.

If you are not in support of using stain remover, you can go for some homemade ideas. The mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and liquid detergent can do wonders on the stain. Another remedy is the mixture of water and baking soda in a 3:1 ratio. Whether you want to remove wine stains or remove traces of grass; you can trust this solution.

If stains are extremely bad, opt for pre-wash mode or run 2 cycles.

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3.Softener using all types of underwear- not done!

Not every underwear is made from the same fabric. Some of the styles are made from fabrics like microfiber, some are made out of elastane or spandex which means they have different needs. therefore, similarly treating them is just not done.

If boxer brief underwear for men is made out of Micro Modal, you need to use a softener that supports and embraces the quality of your underwear. Similarly, if you own a pair of male thongs, jockstrap underwear, and brief underwear for men designed in microfiber, you should not use the same softener which you are using in the case of Micro Modal men's boxer briefs.

Men need to understand that we have to clean the lingerie and not destroy it.

4.Washing men's underwear in a washing machine- not a great idea!

When you wash your men's boxer briefs underwear in a machine without using a lingerie bag, it leads to stretching and losing the shape of your underwear. Therefore, go for hand wash. Whether it's mens brief underwear or mens boxer briefs or even jockstrap, the result would be the same. 

While washing your delicate clothing with your hands, make sure you turn them inside out. Scrub them gently and use a gentle washing soap.

5. Using bleach for elastane, lycra, or spandex

Bleach with chlorine is one of the strongest agents that weaken fibers, so it shouldn't be overused in the case of men's underwear especially when it is made out of fabrics like elastane, lycra, and spandex. When you use chlorine bleach your underwear starts losing elasticity. Spandex, elastane, lycra based boxer brief underwear for men should be washed in cool water. Fabric softener and automatic dryer must be avoided.

Ironing is another technique that shouldn't be used in the case of such type of male lingerie.

6.Whether it's men's boxer briefs or brief underwear for men, you need to be careful while drying. 

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Wrong drying influences your underwear very much. Here are a few tips with the help of which you can correct your incorrect washing habits:

Don't use automatic drying too often as it makes your men's underwear wear out and loses color faster. Try not to opt for this option in case of delicate styles such as jockstrap underwear, male thongs . You need to avoid this technique when your men's boxer brief underwear is designed in sensitive fabrics.

Don't overdry the underwear such as men's boxers, as you will face difficulty while ironing makes it harder to iron. 

Before hanging the underwear to dry, don't over wring the lingerie.

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