Bikini Underwear For Men: Everything You Should Know

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Let us start from where this began. The term bikini rings only one name in our minds and that is women but let us not forget the progressive collective minds of our society that led us here and today we have come up to a stage where men like to flaunt their assets too. They too want to be desired and feel sexy at times. The only difference is that these men’s sexy bikinis are not confined to one ideology. The world’s renowned designers and fashionistas are experimenting with their ideas and making something big happen.

The Latest Addition

A new and most exotic addition to the men’s designer underwear industry is these men’s hot bikinis. Since then this industry has taken a sharp turn and has never looked back. The main motive behind these sexy men’s bikini is that they help you entice your loved ones and make you look sexier all the time. Although the demand among men for a bikini is slightly smaller when compared to women. According to a survey done in 2016, 14 percent of men do not care what's under their clothes making a scenario where their partners are forced to purchase for them.

Time for a makeover

Today men want to explore all the possible categories and thanks to the booming fashion industry they look forward to dressing in style. Even under their superficial clothes. And when it comes to showcasing their assets at the beach, they opt for the most sensuous designer men’s lingerie, the bikini. This helps the guys to a great extent and make them feel desired.

In fact, I must add that the majority of men who dress in what’s traditionally considered as women's lingerie identify as heterosexual, opting to wear these items to help show off their softer side. And there are retailers (like Intymen) that design female lingerie specifically for the male body. And Stevan Spatola, a renowned fashionist mentioned in one of his articles that only 20 percent of the sales are in the male section, and most of the market is represented by gay. Reasoning that gay men are bolder and confident with their stature which makes them stand out. And one may say that the sexy men’s bikini is supported by the helping shoulders of gay men. 

male bikini underwear

What goes on in men’s brain?

Basically, it is the lack of exposure a male encounter, that prevents them from thinking about such matters that may seem delicate upfront but should be in the usual and casual talks.  And it is not that things are not in the transitioning stage. We do have a growing percentage of men that do not feel shy to showcase their interests and collectively that is a good sign of change in our society. I will try to be as apolitical as I can be, but we sure do need some changing mindsets that can at least begin to set some new trends.

Michael Kleinmann, CEO of subscription service “Underwearexpert”, believes that men want to feel sexy in their undies. Meaning, they want a nice pair of classic men’s underwear – be it men’s designer trunk, men’s designer brief, men’s boxers, men’s thongs and many more that can also be considered as a designer lingerie for men.

Kleinmann also says that “There has always been a lack of education and knowledge on men’s underwear as people are not aware of the multiple options, and some may shy out because they are also not confident about what will fit them correctly”.

mens sexy bikini

Before wrapping it all up, let us all just take a minute and discuss a few purposes offered by sexy men’s bikini.

  • Boost in sex appeal It’s a long road to pleasure but let’s just agree that all of this depends on a thing that is placed at the top, our brains. Wearing these sexy men’s bikini boost your confidence and hence boosts your sex appeal, making you ready for any surprises you might get.
  • Intimacy It is a well-known fact that a clap can never be conceived single-handedly. Likewise, good sex is only possible when the couple is involved with utmost intimacy. A glance on your sexy body while wearing some sexy bottoms from your partner can make them feel kinky.
  • Safe package For those of you, concerned about the package with all this glamour. Men’s sexy bikinis are meant to keep your package safe and sound. That included saving from unnecessary movements.

In addition to this, Women definitely want to see their men putting efforts into their relationship. So, a serious appreciation to all those men who are trying to make a difference and pushing their limits to make their partner happy and if you are not one of those then become one of these and be the change.

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