How To Get Your First Jockstrap Right?

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If you look up in the history, men’s jockstrap underwear has seen the highs and lows in the men’s underwear industry. However, even after being through so much, the apparel style has sustained itself among the male population for all the good reasons. Earlier the style was only meant for men who wanted protection and support for their male anatomy whereas; now the scenario has changed. The exposure in the rear has become its sex appeal and men use it for the support on their romantic evenings.

Intymen has products that can fit well in both the situations very well and still be sexy on the manhood. Now the question here lies- how will you know that the pair you buy is right for you or not? Let us look at the aspects that you must look out for while buying your first pair of jockstrap underwear.

a.Choose from a variety of fabrics: When you make up your mind to buy something so supportive and revealing at the same time, the first aspect worth considering is the fabric. The reason for your comfort totally depends on the kind of fabric you choose. Starting from the basic cotton and nylon, the list goes all the way to polyester, polyamide and many more. Don’t be in a hurry to choose, just focus and see what suits your manhood’s sensitivity and then decide.

b.Consider weather conditions: There’s no doubt about the fact that all the kind of fabrics are not suitable for every weather condition and if you go against the weather, all you get are rashes, infection, and discomfort. Cotton for summer, Lycra or wool for winters and likewise, there are other fabrics that you can feel extremely okay with. If your male anatomy is prepared and is comfortable with fabrics like nylon, polyamide or polyester, you can go for them as well.

c.Opt for the snug fit but not the tight fit: Just like men’s brief underwear, jockstraps also have a snug fit that fit really close to the manhood. A tight fit would cause harm to your manhood and will cause jock itch in the privates which can be very harmful down there. A snug fit can be either comfortable or tight but definitely not both at one time.

d.For a variety of purposes: Like I mentioned above that the entry of the style was more of sporty, but eventually the fashion aspect also got hold of it. Hence, now you can find something for the big game as well as something that appeals your partner too on the date night. From mesh pouches to enhancing ones, the brand store has got you covered.

With these aspects, you can easily choose your kind of jockstrap from


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