5 reasons to celebrate Christmas in Intymen's men's brief underwear

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Christmas is around and I am super excited about it. Not because it Christmas, I mean I love Christmas but I am excited because now I have an excuse to purchase fresh pair of men's brief underwear from my favorite underwear brand, Intymen, very few people are aware of the brand

Intymen is a men's underwear brand that was established in the year 2009 and since then, they have been offering some of the best styles of the male population. Further, you can shop styles like male jockstrap underwear, men's boxer briefs, thongs, and jockstrap underwear for men. Besides interesting styles of male underwear, Intymen offers an assortment of swimwear which includes swim bikinis, boxers, and trunks in refreshing colors and modern designs. 

Christmas sale


Another reason to shop new pairs of male lingerie from Intymen, this Christmas is because the Intymen Christmas Sale is on, from which you can shop your favorite underwear styles at lower prices. Intymen is offering 30% to 60% Off Sitewide and even providing a first-time coupon for new customers "NEWINTYMEN".

This men's underwear blog will let you why you should celebrate Christmas wearing Intymen's briefs.

1. Prints and color palette :

The first thing that will attract you towards the Intymen's brief underwear range is the color palette and prints. Intymen's brief underwear for men 

is a range with the most delightful and eye-popping colors styles. On one hand, you can spot briefs in black, white and on the other hand in violet, turquoise, yellow, fuchsia, and lime. So whatever is your mood, Intymen gives you the freedom to choose for yourself.

Intymen Mens brief

Although I am a big fan of Intymen's men's brief underwear range however the ones which have stolen my heart or you can say, I am hooked on are- Intymen's Kisses Brief, Intymen Sexy Brief, and Intymen Distortion brief.

2. Fabrics choice :

Regardless of how sexy your jockstrap, briefs, or even boxer briefs seems, if they cannot provide you the right comfort and support to your private parts, they are of no use. Therefore, along with silhouette, the fabric choice in men's underwear is what matters "THE MOST".

The entire range of Intymen's men's brief underwear range has been designed out of fabrics like polyamide- spandex. This fabric composition enhances the flexible factor of male underwear that lets the wearer move and perform all its day-to-day activities with ease. Polyester-Spandex is another fabric composition used in designing Intymen's brief underwear range.

3. Minimal coverage :

The men's brief underwear provided by the brand comes with minimal coverage as a result, you get to showcase your best features when the time is right. The second benefit you get from wearing these male briefs is you can move easily and being lightweight underwear, you don't feel as if anything is covering your male underwear. 

Intymen INJ065 Amore Brief

4. In-built C-Ring: 

Intymen's men's brief underwear comes with an in-built C-ring, a shaping specialized pouch whose purpose is to keep your manhood up and lifted to the correct position. Henceforth, a person wearing it gets a nice profile. Moreover, it offers protruded shape which is quite visible in the pants. 

5. Classy and sexy:

Just because a certain style of male lingerie is revealing, that doesn't mean it is sexy. Styles offering great coverage are equally sexy and classy. Men's brief underwear range by Intymen is classy and sexy and gives a nice boost to the wearer's confidence. 

Christmas 2021

Well, I will be celebrating my Christmas in Intymen's brief underwear range. What about you?

Merry Christmas

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