5 Men’s Underwear Facts you must Know

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Every sphere of life has its own untold facts that we must decipher ourselves. Such is the sphere of men’s underwear! There are numerous facts that are known by some and not by others. The discovery of facts about the underneath fashion has taken the world upside down in the last few decades because men never considered it to be the part of fashion before that. Now when men have become so conscious, he has the right to know the deepest facts about the same.

This blog will put forward 5 important facts about men’s apparel styles that are unknown to many but a few might know them.

1.The first pair was made of loincloth: I know you already knew this one coming, but I bet you didn’t know that the loincloth was made of leather. The first pair of men’s underwear which was loincloth dates back to about 6000 years and was finally discovered by the scientists.

2.Going commando actually relates to the term: We have till now heard that going commando sounds like the commandos are going somewhere but did you know that it actually has originated from the army personals? Well, there’s something you should know about the term. Bet you didn’t know that commandos were asked to stay with their underwear while at camp and in addition, they also made sure that they stayed like that while on the war in order to avoid chafing. Now you see, why is it actually called going commando?

3.Thongs were not always for women: How long have you been seeing thongs on women? A decade? Two decades? Not more than that! If you look up in the history, you’d find that thongs have been a novelty pair for men. The elite class men were painted while they went for a swim in their men’s thong underwear. However, the style just vanished from the earth like Dinosaurs and surfaced when Rudi Gernreich introduced it again 1974 as thongs.

4.Briefs cause no harm: Men’s brief underwear are believed to be the most conventional and loved apparel style for men. However, with different studies which stated that the style can cause infertility, things began to change. In order to recheck the results, another study was conducted which stated that any men’s underwear that is tight on the manhood can cause infertility. Whether it is briefs, boxer briefs or even men’s jockstraps, every style can cause lower sperm count if the size is not right.

5.Jockstrap cause chafing: If you think that jockstraps are the ideal choice for sports and gymming, you’d be part right and part wrong. For sports, there wouldn’t be any other ideal choice because of the support and protection it provides. However, when it comes to wearing them to the gym, you might want to reconsider. Jockstraps are designed in a way that the cup would rub constantly to your thighs causing chafing. Hence, you can opt for boxer brief underwear or some other style rather than opting for jockstraps.

Do you have some other underwear facts to share with us? Do leave us a comment in the space below.


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