New Arrival: Show It All With Intymen Femme Brief For Men

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Everybody wants to be the guy who has got the confidence to show it all and let the world know what he is made of. This attitude can be acquired as Intymen presents you with Femme Brief Nude, the designer underwear for men that lets you flaunt your true masculinity. This underwear from Intymen is for those guys out there who just want the world to know how a true alpha male looks like. As this underwear is made from the best in class fabric composition of spandex and polyamide which would let you perform those everyday tasks with ease.

There is different men's underwear brand in the clothing industry but Intymen is known for its comfortable design and next to perfect fitting, this male underwear has taken that ideology to new heights. This sexy men’s underwear is known for its perfect shape and exceptional design which sits right where it needs to be. So that makes it perfect for high endurance activities like intense training sessions or those adventurous nights with a partner.

Talking about the front of this article, you are provided with a sexy cock bulge at the center which is made to accommodate that tool of yours in the best way possible. This bulge has got the proper room that your asset needs to sit perfectly in place so that it doesn’t hang like a pendulum. With this mens underwear, you are provided with a sleek waistband that not enhances sex appeal but also ensures that your underwear has that perfect hold of your body and maintains that perfect position too. The designers at Intymen are really good at their work as they understand the male body and their needs so that particular thing makes the whole difference.

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Moving on to the rear of this sexy underwear for men, this product from Intymen has got that accurate shape which would pop out your buttocks in a way that it would become difficult for your partner to keep their hands off you. This sharp design isn’t what you normally get in an ordinary mens brief underwear so it automatically becomes the best buy. As the sides of this designer underwear for men are kept minimal to enhance the maneuverability of the whole setup which makes it a runner’s underwear.


As people are always concerned about finding the perfect color for their products and sometimes fail to achieve that but with Intymen that would be unacceptable as they provide a huge variety of color options that would make you all bonkers. So, try Intymen and let the fashion sense drive you and the people around you crazy!

  • Black
  • Nude
  • White
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Sleek Design

Sexy Cock Bulge

Designer Waitband

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