Men’s Boxer Briefs are a combination of comfort and coverage of a boxer and support of a brief. This style of men’s underwear gained popularity in the last few decades. Boxer briefs are long and provide coverage till the upper thigh. The newer styles cover more or less depending on the structure and design. The range of Intymen Boxer Briefs is varied in terms of length.

Modern, fashion-conscious men look for underwear that looks equally sexy as they feel on the skin. Whether you’re looking for an underwear with excessive coverage or the one that covers the right areas, Intymen has a plethora of options to choose from the stylish assortment of these fashion underwear. The style, cuts and designs of the Intymen Boxer Briefs are provocative, appealing and sexy.

Some of our popular styles are:

Intymen Bold Pouch Boxer Brief: With a little more coverage to the thighs, this style has a bold, outstanding pouch. The shaping outline around the package provides an appropriate enhancement.

The Intymen Screen Pouch Boxer Brief: This Boxer Brief covers all around leaving the package for the show. The sheer fabric on the pouch adds to the level of excitement.

Today’s men like underwear that is form-fitting, and accentuates the body. Intymen is evolving and upgrading their range by using delightful colors, patterns, fabrics and styles to keep up with the trend. The assortment of boxer briefs at Intymen is versatile and unique. Pamper your senses with the look and feel of Boxer Brief underwear.




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