Rock the Tan: Spruce Up the Bikini season

Rock the Tan Spruce Up the Bikini season | Intymen
Summer is the time when you can easily mix up different colors and patterns. This is the time to ditch the monotony of your wardrobe and make things exciting and fun. The favorite weekend spot for this season is undoubtedly the beach. Donning the perfect beach look is tricky at times. You need to stay bang on trend without going over-the-board. Are you confused about how to get the edgiest look for the upcoming beach season? Here’s a compilation of some tips that can effortlessly deck out your look and....[Read More]

Men and Beard – Grooming tips

Maintain Your Stubble
The personality and character tell the world that you’re a real man, the beard is merely an exclamation point. However, this exclamation point contributes a lot to the overall look and personality of an individual. Beard grooming has never been easy. Whether you agree or not, it can’t be denied that the people judge you on the basis of your look and well-trimmed beards can help you get a grip on how to make a great impression. So, if you’re looking to turn heads with your stubble, then, head on....[Read More]

4 Occasions best for Printed Underwear

4 Occasions best for Printed Underwear | Intymen
The right pair of men’s underwear makes a difference between having a good experience or a bad one. With the evolution of the apparel industry, men have witnessed the times changing from the conventional tighty whitey briefs to sexy male thongs. Not only this, you would have also noticed that men’s printed underwear has replaced the solid designs. Intymen is an impeccable apparel brand that features both the worlds to the best of the ability and pairs that match the variety of needs. What is printed underwear? Men’s printed underwear....[Read More]

How to Get your First Bikini?

How to Get your First Bikini | Intymen
If you’d remember, we did a similar kind of blog on buying your first pair of men’s underwear. It talked about the steps of getting men’s jockstrap underwear. If you thought that the blog was fruitful for you, this is going to be on the same ground. This one will be focusing on providing tips on how can you get your first pair of bikini underwear. Intymen features a handsomely chic collection of bikinis that are appealing to the eyes and are functional in terms of support. Let us take....[Read More]

Reasons to shop New Arrivals by Intymen

Reasons to shop New Arrivals by Intymen
Finally the new arrival collection of men’s underwear by Intymen has be made live on the brand store and it is everything that you need right now. Personally speaking, the assortment brings together the colors, sex appeal, pinch of eroticism, undying support, and modern looks. It is all one needs to bring alive the dead feeling within wit the luxurious feelings. Intymen has worked really hard in bringing this collection and it is clearly visible with the cuts, designs and pouch options available in products. Talking about this blog, it....[Read More]

What to Gift the Host this Christmas Party?

What to Gift the Host this Christmas Party?
Here comes the Christmas party invite! Yoohoo!! Finally I’m invited to party that I have been waiting for. Date? Check! Dress? Check! Shoes? Check! What are you taking for the host? Oh damn!! That’s missing and are also this is the thing that makes people go clueless. Well, I myself have to think really hard when it comes to giving gifts to others. However, in the due course, I have learnt this art and have realized that it is not important that how big the gift is, what matters is....[Read More]

How to Dress for Thanksgiving 2016?

How to Dress for Thanksgiving 2016 | Intymen
Thanksgiving is one of the coziest, family-time and joyous holidays of the year that bring everyone together. It being celebrated to mark the first harvest, the occasion is often with family and friends on one table. That’s not it! There are so many other things that a family who hosts the supper does for the guests to have a great time of togetherness. Being the host and the head of the family, you need to dress accordingly for the occasion. We wouldn’t ask you to step down the staircase in....[Read More]

5 Men’s Underwear Facts you must Know

5 Men’s Underwear Facts you must Know | Intymen
Every sphere of life has its own untold facts that we must decipher ourselves. Such is the sphere of men’s underwear! There are numerous facts that are known by some and not by others. The discovery of facts about the underneath fashion has taken the world upside down in the last few decades because men never considered it to be the part of fashion before that. Now when men have become so conscious, he has the right to know the deepest facts about the same. This blog will put forward....[Read More]

How To Choose The Better Between Briefs and Boxer Briefs?

Briefs and Boxer Briefs | Intymen
You must have figured out the differences between so many look-alike men’s underwear styles like boxer brief underwear/trunks, briefs underwear/boxer briefs and others. But, how do you figure out which is better than the other? With men and their varied personalities, the preferences, as well as the tastes, have changed. Hence, it is very difficult to figure out which style is the better in the respective ones. The situation is something like people choosing between Android and IOS. Well, both of them are loved by their respective users for the....[Read More]

How To Get Your First Jockstrap Right?

How To Get Your First Jockstrap Right | Intymen
If you look up in the history, men’s jockstrap underwear has seen the highs and lows in the men’s underwear industry. However, even after being through so much, the apparel style has sustained itself among the male population for all the good reasons. Earlier the style was only meant for men who wanted protection and support for their male anatomy whereas; now the scenario has changed. The exposure in the rear has become its sex appeal and men use it for the support on their romantic evenings. Intymen has products....[Read More]

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